"Gwen and her team at Illuminous Marketing were amazing to work with. They always listened carefully to my needs and delivered creative, professional solutions. I highly recommend them for all your marketing needs!"

Alex Kajatani
California Teacher of the Year & Creator of MultiplicationNation.com

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Our Process

Our process begins with defining who your clients are, what are their challenges that your product or service solves, and how are those clients searching to find your product or service. This is an imperative step to get inside the mind of your ideal customer so that your marketing materials speak their language at the correct time.

After defining your ideal clients, our team will then craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve better visibility for your business. This includes selecting the correct key topics for SEO, choosing the social media channels that work best within your industry, and creating the online materials that drive visitors through the sales funnel to become customers. We provide on-demand reporting so that you have access to our progress at any time.

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We help small businesses shine online.

At Illuminous Marketing, we understand that small business owners want to focus on running their business, not on keeping up with the latest online marketing best practices. We take the time to listen to the business owner's goals and translate those into an effective online marketing strategy that reaches their audience. Through a strategic combination of SEO, conversion optimization, social media management, content marketing and more, Illuminous Marketing will transform your online presence so that your website gets better visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, generates more revenue for your business.

Meet Our Team


Gwen is a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. While her career began in website development project management, she quickly developed skills across the digital marketing landscape. In 2013, she established Illuminous Marketing to support business owners in achieving their online marketing goals through SEO, social media marketing, and digital strategies. Gwen’s self-education in internet marketing, combined with her Magna Cum Laude degree from Savannah College of Art & Design in Photography, has shaped her expertise.

Gwen’s expertise extends beyond digital marketing as she holds a prestigious certification from MIT in Business Applications for AI. Her commitment to staying ahead of the curve is evident through her two individual Google certifications in Analytics & Adwords. Additionally, Gwen’s passion for continuous learning drives her to explore new skills and apply them creatively in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Throughout her career, Gwen has thrived in diverse marketing positions, including establishing a Professional Services department and a Marketing Department at a growing Internet marketing firm, revitalizing internal corporate marketing strategies, and transforming inbound leads for large sales teams of over 100 people. She possesses a unique ability to envision the broader strategic picture while meticulously executing intricate details, making her a versatile leader.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Gwen finds joy in art, music, reading, yoga, and cherished moments with her family.

Certifications & Awards


Brad is an SEO specialist with years of experience in all things online search and conversion related. Brad has spent his career with some of the bigger SEO marketing companies in multiple SEO related roles. After graduating with an MBA from University of Arizona, Brad started Red Bus Marketing, a boutique brand consultant firm that quickly evolved into an online marketing company around the beginning of Web 1.0. He has learned his craft through endless study, research and most importantly, experience.

Brad Simonis, Certified Analytics Specialist & SEO Account Manager
Google Analytics Certified - Brad Simonis


Dessa is a Social Media Specialist and has always been interested in how the digital marketing world works. With this, she’s worked with international digital marketing agencies for several years.

After graduating Cum Laude from the School of Business and Economics at the University of San Carlos, she went into real estate and got her professional license as a Real Estate Broker working with high-end residential projects.

She has also co-founded Kim+Kay Studio, sharing social media tips and branding inspirations to her fellow creatives.

She believes in the value of “kindness” and she’s always in the pursuit of learning new things in life.  In her spare time, she likes to try new recipes to cook or bake and browse hidden treasures on social media such as inspiring creatives or a local small business.

You guys are about the fifth partners we've worked with [to clean up our data and reporting]. ...You guys have been by far the most thorough and in depth and consistent. I do thank you and appreciate you for spending that dedicated time... I can already tell this is more progress that we've made with anyone else.

Heidi M.Finance