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At Illuminous Marketing, we understand that small business owners want to focus on running their business, not on keeping up with the latest online marketing best practices. We take the time to listen to the business owner's goals and translate those into an effective online marketing strategy that reaches their audience. Through a strategic combination of SEO, conversion optimization, social media management, content marketing and more, Illuminous Marketing will transform your online presence so that your website gets better visibility, more traffic, and ultimately, generates more revenue for your business.

Our Process

Our process begins with defining who your clients are, what are their challenges that your product or service solves, and how are those clients searching to find your product or service. This is an imperative step to get inside the mind of your ideal customer so that your marketing materials speak their language at the correct time.

After defining your ideal clients, our team will then craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve better visibility for your business. This includes selecting the correct key topics for SEO, choosing the social media channels that work best within your industry, and creating the online materials that drive visitors through the sales funnel to become customers. We provide on-demand reporting so that you have access to our progress at any time.

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Gwen Beren, CEO


Gwen founded  Illuminous Marketing in 2012 to assist small business owners in accomplishing their online marketing goals through SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategies. Like many early adopters of technology, Gwen is largely self-educated in the field of Internet marketing.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Photography school at Savannah College of Art & Design, she sought out her own SEO knowledge through abundant online resources, culminating in two individual Google certifications in Analytics & Adwords.  The ever-evolving nature of digital marketing feeds her constant curiosity to learn new skills and apply those skills in creative ways.

Gwen has excelled in a variety of positions in the marketing industry, creating a Professional Services department in a growing Internet marketing firm, revitalizing corporate marketing strategies, and transforming inbound leads for a sales team of 50+ individuals.  Gwen is a diverse leader with an abundance of passion, who has the unique ability to see the larger, strategic picture while executing details meticulously and thoroughly.

In addition to her passion for helping businesses succeed online, Gwen also loves art, music, reading, yoga, and most of all, spending time with her family.


Brad is an SEO specialist with years of experience in all things online search and conversion related. Brad has spent his career with some of the bigger SEO marketing companies in multiple SEO related roles. After graduating with an MBA from University of Arizona, Brad started Red Bus Marketing, a boutique brand consultant firm that quickly evolved into an online marketing company around the beginning of Web 1.0. He has learned his craft through endless study, research and most importantly, experience.