Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Don’t lose out on your reporting data when Google changes its Analytics platform July 1st, 2023.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the GA4 Change…

GA 3 Will Expire in...

GA4 Has New Features That You’ll Love

Google Analytics 4 offers new and improved features designed for how businesses operate NOW. This is a game changer.

Event-Based Data

Enhanced focus on user interactions through event-based tracking (rather than sessions only) across both desktop and mobile


Cross-Platform Tracking

Analyzation of user behavior across all platforms to better understand and improve the customer journey

Predictive Analytics

Elevated reporting to delve deeper into customer insights and behaviors to anticipate next steps and potential conversion paths

Privacy Controls

Updated privacy settings including cookie-less measurement, shorter data storage duration, consent mode, and behavioral and conversion modeling

How We Help You to Analytics Nirvana

Our Google Analytics Certified team provides everything you need and nothing you don’t.


GA4 setup and configuration to determine next steps and maximize opportunities

Strategy & Optimization

In-depth analytics audit to glean targeted data points needed to drive business


GA4 overview, education, and guidance regarding new features to empower your team

Business Reporting

Clear illustration of relevant data insights to easily identify behavior trends and changes 

Custom Events

Defined parameters to increase effectiveness, create actionable insights, and improve your overall ROI

HistoricalData Backups

Strategic assessment for preserving historical UA data critical for customer journey comparisons

Basic GA4 Installation Package

$ 497

Per Website
  • Set up Google Analytics 4 on website
  • Includes standard reporting
  • Includes short training video

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Advanced GA4 Installation PackageMost Popular

$ 1497

Per Website
  • Set up Google Analytics 4 on website
  • Choose three custom events for tracking
  • Includes a custom Looker Studio dynamic report
  • Brief training video for selecting events

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Custom GA4 Installation and Reporting

$ 2497+

Per Website
  • Install Google Analytics 4 on website
  • Create custom event tracking & reporting
  • Includes custom Looker Studio dynamic reporting
  • Includes in-person training on GA4

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Google Analytics FAQs

What is GA4 and why is Universal Analytics going away?

There are several reasons, but Google says the model Universal Analytics was built on has become obsolete. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a cutting-edge web analytics platform that offers a new and more sophisticated approach to measuring user activity and engagement on websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms.

What are the biggest changes coming with GA4?

Almost everything is changing, from the way data is collected (think events, not sessions) to the interface. These are big changes that will require customization of your Analytics account, and learning a new interface.

Will I still have access to my Universal Analytics data?

Universal Analytics data will stop being collected on July 1, 2023, and access to that data will not be available about six months after that date (or about Dec 2023).

Can I run GA4 in parallel with Universal Analytics?

Yes, you can run them simultaneously and we recommend that. This way, you can start collecting GA4 data immediately so you have some historical data available after the changeover while still seeing results in GA3.

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