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How to Create a Marketing Video with Your Smartphone

By April 28th, 2021Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing1 min read

Video is one of the hottest topics right now in digital marketing and for good reason! Videos are engaging and are easy to consume content for websites and social media channels. Plus, BONUS, you can optimize your videos with keywords so that they come up in organic searches. Not everyone has access to or the budget for a video studio with professional lighting and a camera. Thanks to smartphones, now you don’t need all that! Watch our quick video on making great smartphone marketing videos and then download our handy tip sheet to keep in your wallet.

Now it’s your turn!

Conquer the fear and start creating fantastic marketing videos today! We’ve created a handy, business card sized tip sheet for you to keep in your wallet or behind your phone. Download it here and print it out. Please also share your videos with us on social media once they’re created. We would love to see what you create.

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Gwen Beren

Author Gwen Beren

Gwen Beren is founder and CEO of Illuminous Marketing, Inc. in Southern California. She is passionate about SEO, social media, and voice search, as well as how consumers adapt to emerging technologies. Follow her on Twitter @IlluminousGwen.

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