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How Reviews Help Your SEO

By April 28th, 2021Content Marketing2 min read

Reviews have been an integral part of a well planned local SEO strategy for many years. With the rise of voice searches on smartphones and other voice-driven devices such as Echo and Google Home, reviews continue to be an important factor. Not only do they help with search engine visibility, they are also an important tool for the most important part of your business: your clients. And while some creative businesses have gone rogue and rebelled against review giants like Yelp!, our recommendation is that you provide top-quality service and products so that the five-star reviews practically write themselves. (We are in no way implying that the now famous pizza place doesn’t provide fantastic service or food. We’re simply saying it’s been done. In fact, I, personally would love to try this place because they are obviously geniuses.)

What’s the best way to ask for a review?

Now that you know how important reviews are, how are you going to approach that awkward conversation? First, don’t over think it. Most customers have left a review on something in the past and this won’t be their first rodeo.

Simply say, “It was great to see you again. You know, I’m trying to grow the business. Would you mind leaving me a quick review on (be specific here) Google?”

When they agree, offer, “Would you like me to send you the link to make it easy? Text or email?”

Before you know it, you’ll have a whole arsenal of reviews. Remember to empower your staff to ask for reviews too!

Gwen Beren

Author Gwen Beren

Gwen Beren is founder and CEO of Illuminous Marketing, Inc. in Southern California. She is passionate about SEO, social media, and voice search, as well as how consumers adapt to emerging technologies. Follow her on Twitter @IlluminousGwen.

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