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Week 4 of the 30 Day Online Marketing Plan Series

This week’s presentation covers the importance of a well thought out Inbound Marketing Strategy for small businesses. How do you come up with ideas for content that helps sell your product or service? How do you organize and find time to produce that content? These questions and more are answered in this week’s presentation.

Small Business Marketing Overview

Week 1 – How to Make Google Like Your Business

Week 2 – Beyond the Website – Optimizing Your Local Profiles

Week 3 – Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier

What is Inbound Marketing and how it is different from traditional marketing? This is a key concept in week 4 of the “30 Day Online Marketing Plan” series. Using content to fuel your Inbound Marketing Strategy can generate more qualified leads for your sales people while delighting customers at the same time. Content can also help you stay top of mind with current customers so that they refer you to friends and colleagues or come back to make a second purchase from your business.

Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier

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Slide Overview

1. Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier #30DayPlan

2. Series Overview Week 1 – How to Make Google Like Your Website Week 2 – Beyond the Website – Your Local Profiles Week 3 – Using Social Media to Your Advantage Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier

3. Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier Why is Content Important? Planning Your Content Calendar Creating & Distributing Your Content Check in on Your Progress

4. Why Content is Important Relevance + Authority = Visibility Great content attracts links = Authority Content Fuels Inbound Marketing = Conversions Conversions can be a sale, a newsletter sign-up, a form fill, a reservation, etc.

6. Inbound Marketing Funnel Source: Top of the Funnel Middle of the Funnel Bottom of the Funnel

7. Creating Valuable Content

8. Basics of Good Content Features Timely & Frequent Answers a Question Promotional – Add a Coupon! Succinct! Visually Appealing Shows Company Culture Types Ebooks Infographics Case Studies Videos White Papers Webinars Google Hangouts Data Sheets/ Online Brochures

9. Day 22 – Brainstorm Helpful Content What questions do your customers frequently ask? How much shelving do I need for my warehouse? What is the real estate market like currently in my neighborhood? How much insurance do I need for my construction business? What objections do people have before buying your product/service? Cost Lack of Understanding Don’t know what the outcome will be

10. Persona Name: Mike Manager 35% Background Job? Career Path? Family? • Warehouse Manager/ Operations Manager • Married, 1-2 kids • Been with the company for several years, knows the ins an outs of business & acts as liaison between staff & owners Demographics Gender? Age? Income? Location? • Male • 40-50 • Suburban Identifiers Demeanor? Communication Preference? • Smart, personable, slightly stressed • Email, phone, live chat

11. Persona Name: Mike Manager Goals Primary? Secondary • Keep business operations/warehouse running smoothly • Retain employees Challenges Primary? Secondary? • Getting everything done with limited resources • Convincing Billy Owner to spend money on needed upgrades for the business • Determining how much shelving is needed for warehouse & what type What Can We Do …to help persona achieve goals? …to help persona overcome challenges? • Low-price guarantee, easy-to-follow video tutorials on setting up systems • Training videos, planning eBook, planning infographic, highlight benefits of upgraded shelving systems (to convince Billy Owner)

12. Persona Name: Mike Manager Real Quotes About Goals & Challenges • “We’re working with a small budget here and I need these installed in two weeks for a shipment we have coming in.” • “I need shelving that is heavy duty, but we don’t use pallets. Which type is best?” Common Objections Why wouldn’t they buy your product or service? • Not sure which solution is best (delays decision) • “Will it be too hard to set up?” • Expense Marketing Messaging Describe your solution to this persona. Sell your persona! • Easy assembly at the best price around. Plenty of resources to ensure you get what you need. • Our business offers our low-price guarantee for all of our industrial shelving solutions. Let us help you make the best decision for your business with our planning guides or live chat!

13. Day 23 – Organize Ideas into Editorial Calendar Add content for all stages of the funnel Create content for each of your buyer personas Start simple & grow as you get better at producing content Integrate Keywords Use Calls to Action Define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Keep your social goals in mind Template:

14. Day 24 – Your 1st Blog Post Start simple with a Frequently Asked Question (MOFU Content) Two Options 1. Write the blog post yourself 2. Hire a Writer to create the blog for you 1. Use your network to find freelance Writers 2. Use a service like to gain access to a pool of Writers

15. Tips for Great Blogs • Create Interesting Headlines – 6 words or less • • Use Lists • Top 5, 3 Best, 7 Ways, 10 Reasons • Break Up Content with Sub-Headings • Use Keywords! • Use interesting images/visuals • Keep it Simple Silly • Proof Read

16. Day 25 – Publish Your Blog Create A New Blog on Your Website When you copy from Word, be sure to first paste into a plain text editor like TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows) Use Search Engine Friendly Titles, Descriptions, & Images Images should be 72 ppi Post a link to your blog post on your social media channels

17. Day 26 – Create a Video -Video Shooting Tips Use Your Smart Phone or Tablet – shoot horizontally Pay attention to your lighting – Try open shade or near a sunlit window with light in front Speak clearly & without background noise Check out video General Rules Keep it between 30 sec – 2 Minutes Catch people’s attention in first 15 seconds Make it interesting! Show your human side.

18. Day 27 – Upload to YouTube & Optimize Don’t Forget to Share on Your Social Channels!

19. Day 28 – Write Email Newsletter Recap Monthly Specials Showcase Product/Service Enhancements Highlight Company Achievements or Community Involvement Include content pieces that you’ve created Invite recipients to participate – Social media, reviews, send in questions, give feedback, join a webinar, etc.

20. Day 29 – Email Your Newsletter

21. Day 30 – Check Your Google Analytics • Analytics > Acquisition > Overview • Channels • Paid Search – traffic from paid advertising • Direct – Visitors that typed your URL or had it bookmarked • Organic Search – User Typed in a search term & clicked your result • Referral – User clicked a link from another website • Social – User clicked a link from a social channel • Email – User clicked an email link • Learn More About Using Analytics at

Questions? Contact Info: Gwen Beren  LinkedIn: Twitter: @IlluminousGwen Access this presentation:

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