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Your 30 Day Online Marketing Plan – Week 1

As small business owners, we understand that there never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone come up with a marketing plan! Where would you even begin? You want to get more customers online, but technology changes so fast, it is hard to keep up.

In this series, I’ve created a plan that is broken down into small, bite size steps that any small business owner can follow.  Each day you have one task to complete that should take about an hour (sometimes less).

Small Business Marketing Overview

Week 1 – How to Make Google Like Your Business

Week 2 – Beyond the Website – Optimizing Your Local Profiles

Week 3 – Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Week 4 – Creating Great Content & Using it as a Unifier

Each week builds on the foundation laid the previous week so that you have a well rounded Internet Marketing plan for your business in 30 days. Let’s get started!

Week 1 – How to Make Google Like Your Business

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Gwen Beren

Author Gwen Beren

Gwen Beren is founder and CEO of Illuminous Marketing, Inc. in Southern California. She is passionate about SEO, social media, and voice search, as well as how consumers adapt to emerging technologies. Follow her on Twitter @IlluminousGwen.

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