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Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz around AI platforms like ChatGPT, Playground, and different programs powered by OpenAI, not to mention the other privately held AI platforms.

And so a question that we’ve been getting very consistently is, “Should I use these platforms to create content for my website for SEO?” And the answer, like many times in SEO, is it depends.

What I would say is that these are really exciting tools that are coming out and certainly have so many applications to help marketers. One of the main platforms that is producing content like blog posts is called Jasper AI. They are really making a case for being able to pull in a lot of knowledgeable information that is meant for people first, and that really helps you demonstrate your own expertise.

On the other hand, Google has said that they don’t necessarily condone creating content using AI. Just in the last week or so they have also made some adjustments to that stance. But overall, keep in mind that Google’s main intention is to provide value to readers. And so to give just a small background in AI and these learning programs like ChatGPT and Jasper:

All of these platforms are based on information that is scraped from across the web. And so they’re taking these languages or written content and teaching their language models based on content that’s already out there, and that can include your content that is already out there.

So one thing that Google is really aiming to do is make sure that content that’s  being created with AI systems is something that is adding value, not just repeating something that is already out there. And I would also say that if you are using AI to create your content without injecting some of your own  brand voice, your own perspective, your own proprietary process, then are you really creating content that’s very valuable for your audience?

So, there’s not a definitive answer right now on whether or not you should be using Ai to generate your SEO content. What I will say is that you should use  caution when you’re doing it, you should always, always, always read what the AI has generated for you before you publish

it and make sure that it’s not repetitive, that it is not injecting any unconscious bias into your content ,and also that it’s actually a piece of valuable content.

So, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to have discussions around AI-generated content and SEO. DM us, let us know if you’d be interested interested in furthering this discussion because I’m more than happy to provide a platform for this discussion around content and SEO.

My name is Gwen Beren. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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